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I am JAIRAMON - this ‘magickal’ name was given to me over 20 years ago. It means “The Enlightened Watcher”

I have lived a long time following the Illuminati Oath before I even knew the oath existed. Only add on it for me was Unification and that was an easy add-on. I have always believed that this would be a much better Planet if every on was just Nicer to others. Quit wanting what others have without paying a/the price.


What is too much to endure? I don’t know for you, for me I have endured so very much I have no clue what I cannot handle. From caring for both parents for many years and raising children in the middle of it and helping a friend cleanup a barn after a shot-gun suicide by the Nephew. You get to a point of no more shock. Just deal with it and carry on. The choice is always yours. Learn or grieve. Grieving is a necessary process for closure but it cannot control your life.

What I oft find curious is that people don’t grieve the person whom is gone’s loss of life. They grieve what they will be missing because that person is gone. Be strong, learn, live!

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