Citizens of Illuminati - Illuminatiam - Beacons of the Light

We are the ones that set this up and pay for it. We are not asking nor wish any donations.

We just want people to Be Nice and get along; following true to the Illuminati Globalist Agenda.

There will more to join us, I am sure, that have seen enough hardship and horror then overcame to be responsive Citizens. Sworn an Oath to the Illuminati and all People of the World to be Beacons of the Light! To do everything in their power to aide in the Survival of the Human Species!

We do not believe in hard core elitist Leadership. Everyone has a voice. There will be always some people at a higher level in the Pyramid than others. But there will never ever be just one ‘Voice’ that can quell all others.


Want to be a part of this grande adventure. Get ahold of us. Our name at this website URL.
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