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Citizens of the Illuminati!

First off let me please state that this is not an Official Illuminati website.
All those involved here-in are sworn to the Illuminati Oath and
believe firmly in the Illuminati Globalist Agenda.

Loyal to the Illuminati to the end of our days!

February 10 2020 - I had attempted to help another get the “word” out. Gave verbal aide - gave monetary aide - to no avail.
As with most adventures that take effort their actions speak so much louder than all their words.  So I finance this myself as I have always done. I shall endure to be in more attendance.   Sadly, I have removed all references to others that claimed to aide but did not. I posted what little they stated so it only took 30 seconds to remove.

We shall continue to  give people a safe haven to for discussion in the forum..

We are Citizens of the Illuminati - as defined by the Illuminati at Meaning anyone that joins the Illuminati may then after consider themselves a Citizen of the Illuminati. Citizen Membership is open to the adult public...... Read Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati - Available at Amazon - > First Testament <- For Free to Kind Unlimited about $10 for Paperback.

We, Citizens, are Beacons of the Light and strictly follow the tenants of the Illuminati. We are sworn to the Oath of the Illuminati. Guiding others to the teachings in order to make wiser decisions, live better stronger lives. We nor the Illuminati are a Bank. Giving someone money rarely repairs anything past that moment. Hard work through hardships increases your own wealth.

This website is dedicated to Knowledge, Enlightenment, Abundance, Unification, and the Protection and Advancement of the Human Species.


We help you create the keys for you to unlock your own potential!

Yes, The Scariest to most people is that the Illuminati wants Unification-
What does this really mean? To put it simply: You have watched Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Star Wars etc. People are from a “Planet” not a Country. One Planet one people, No wars, no famine, no medical needs. Take the smartest and brightest to rule the whole planet. The Illuminati don’t want to run the operation - they want people to change their perspectives and be nice to each other.

 “The World needs to change its Perspective.  That is only aim of the Illuminati!”

Knowledge: Can be dangerous. Befuddle the mind. By now I am sure most are aware of the lies we were raised with about our history. George Washington didn’t really cut down the Cherry Tree, Abe Lincoln only freed the slaves in the Northern States (he had no sway over the Southern States at the time), etc. This is mostly due to stories are written by the victors. Not the Losers.  You will know when you’ve gained some knowledge as the day will come that you will admit to yourself how stupid you are. That is a point of enlightenment.

Enlightenment: this can mean different things to different peoples perspective. For me this is the Light within us all and the universe. The energy that animates us and the Universe.

Abundance: This is where everyone has enough food to eat and is warm and dry.

Unification: Scary? Not at all in reality. The Illuminati are not offspring of Hitler or any other mad usurper. The core is “Be Nice” to each other. Help each other. When the giver Gives from the Heart they receive far more than the taker.

Protection and Advancement: Just as is stated. Help people help themselves. Help them advance, even if it means they will advance you. We all do not process information the same. Sometimes, well, many times by helping another we gain more insight now advancing ourselves at the same time.

The true Illuminati began in the 18th Century by a man named Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria. Was found out and ran into Germany where he was better received. If you have ever been involved in a “recall vote” or trying to remove a bad politician from office you will understand why secrecy is needed. These politicians do not have your concerns of the Survival of the Human Species and will go to all sorts to means to harm and discredit you. I and others have been through this more than a  few times. It is not easy nor fun but it is a needed process in-order to hold those that have sway over us in check.


John Adam Weishaupt - Wikipedia Article

Born 6 February 1748   Ingolstadt,Bavaria,    Holy Roman Empire

National Geograhic - The Man Who Started the Illuminati

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